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Volume 1 1985

Page: vii

Part one: Anatomy, Physiology and Immunology

The Morphology of the Peritoneum.
W. Dobbie
Page: 3

Hormonal Regulation of Potassium Distribution in CAPD.
A. Oren, P. Mojaverian, C. Hoholick, M.L. Rocci 1r., R.K. Ferguson
Page: 7

Effect of CAPD on Hemostatic Function.
K.D. Lempert, 1.S. RogersII, F.C. Whit tier
Page: 12

Residual Intraperitoneal Volumes in CAPD Patients.
P.K.G. Chandran, C.T. Flynn
Page: 18

Water, Electrolyte, Cell Proteins and Amino-Acids in Skeletal Muscle of CAPD Patients.
A. Montanari, A. Cantaluppi, I. Simoni, A. Trifiro, G. Graziani, C. Ponticelli, A. Novarini
Page: 21

Comparison of Chemotactic Receptors on Leukocytes from Chronic Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis Patients.
S.L. Lewis, D.E. Van Epps, D.E. Chenoweth
Page: 27

Part two: Catheters, New Solutions and Devices

Single vs Double-Cuff Peritoneal Catheters: A Prospective Controlled Trial.
A Mitwalli, D. Kim, G. Wu, R. Mathews, H. Schilling, S. Vas, D.G. Oreopoulos
Page: 35

Chronic Peritoneal Catheters in a Pediatric Population.
A.R. Watson, A. Vigneux, 1. W. Balfe, G. McLoie, B. Churchill
Page: 41

Exit Site Infection in Patients on uous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis.
A. Cantaluppi, C. Castlenovo, A. Scalamogna, L. Guerra, G. Graziani, C. Ponticelli
Page: 45

Effects of prolonged CAPD with Amino-Acid-Containing Solutions in Three Patients.
H. Schilling , G. Wu, 1. Petit, A. Mitwalli, G.H. Anderson, R. Ogilvie, D.G. Oreopoulos
Page: 49

Comments on the y -Connector System.
A. Scalamogna, A. Cantaluppi
Page: 56

Part three: Peritonitis

Peritonitis Management in the CAPD Program at the University of Missouri-Columbia: November 1983-0ctober 1984.
Z.1. Twardowski, K.D. Nolph, R. Khanna, L.P. Ryan, B.F. Prowant
Page: 61

Treatment of Peritonitis in CAPD: Rationale for an Alternative Antibiotic Therapy Based on Kinetic Analysis and Clinical Response.
l.l. Walshe, G.D. Morse, P.E. Lieveld, R.C. Venuto, M.A. Apiccella
Page: 66

Efficacy of the Peridex Filter in Reducing Peritonitis Rates in CAPD Patients.
B. Morgan, A. Dale, C. Foulks
Page: 73

Part four: Ultrafiltration Failure and Peritoneal Sclerosis

A Survey of Ultrafiltration in Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis: An International Cooperative Study. Third Report
Page: 79

Relationship between Peritoneal Membrane Structure and its Permeability: Clinical Implications.
C. Verger
Page: 87

Ultrafiltration: Acetate Versus Lactate in Humans. A Retrospective Clinical Longitudinal Study.
B. Faller, 1.F. Marichal, P. Brignon
Page: 96

Peritoneal Sclerosis and Ultrafiltration Following 3 Months of CAPD in a Small Animal Model.
L.H. Nielsen, K.D. Nolph, R. Khanna, H. Moore
Page: lOO

Sclerosing Peritonitis -An Experimental Study.
lain Henderson, L. Wilson, M. Wallace, L. W. Dobbie
Page: 107

Loss of Ultrafiltration and Sclerosing Encapsulating Peritonitis During CAPD. Evaluation of the Potential Risk Factors.
1. Rottembourg, B.lssad, P. Langlois, B. Tranbaloc, A. Adamou, F. DeGroc, M. Legrain
Page: 109

Cooperative International Study on Sclerosing Encapsulating Peritonitis: Preliminary Report.
A. Slingeneyer, M. Elie
Page: 118

Part five: Other Complications

Complications in Patients Undergoing Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis. (Personal Experience and Literature Review.)
A. Mitwalli, G. Wu, H. Schilling, D.G. Oreopoulos
Page: 127

Ferrokinetic Parameters and the Course of Renal Anemia in CAPD and Hemodialysis.
J. Vlacho jannis, M. Fink, E. Werner, U. Bohnert, P. Roth, D. Hoppe, W. Schoeppe
Page: 134

The Effect of CAPD on Phalangeal Bone Mineral Density: Part II.
C. Colbert, A. Jerison, R.S. Bachtel
Page: 141

Complications after Renal Transplantation in Children Undergoing CAPD and CCPD.
H.E. Leichter, I.B. Salusky, R.B. Ettenger, S.C. Jordan. T.L. Hall, D. Davidson, J. Marik, R.N. Fine
Page: 145

Part six: Demography, Comparison and Rehabilitation

Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis in France in 1984.
G. Rottembourg
Page: 151

Longitudinal Comparison of Hemodialysis Versus Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis in the Same Patients.
A. Cantaluppi, C. Castlenovo, A. Scalamagna, L. Guerra, G. Graziani, C. Ponticelli
Page: 154

Rehabilitation on CAPD.
B.G. Bauer
Page: 159

Part seven: Peritoneal Dialysis in Children

Exercise in CAPD. A Pediatric Perspective.
S. Stevenson, A.R. Watson
Page: 167

Growth in Children in Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis: A Reappraisal.
A.R. Watson, J. Taylor, J.W. Balfe
Page: 171

Peritoneal Dialysis in Children. Update: 1985.
T. Groshong
Page: 178